BCB Rep Team Expenses Policy: All Teams

Last Revised: December 2018

Rep team tryouts carry a non-refundable fee of $20.00 for each participating athlete with online player registration required prior to the beginning of the first tryout. Immediately following rep team selection, player fees will become payable in full. Each season fees are to be posted on the website before tryouts begin and are also listed in the online registration form. Rep fees cover the cost of running the rep program and do not cover travel expenses related to games and tournaments.

Payment Instructions:
Payment instructions are outlined on the online registration form. Team coaches are given a player roster which will include the payment status of each player. A player cannot participate in game play without paying the full rep fee or making payment arrangements with BCB. Any type of payment arrangement is at the sole discretion of BCB.

Team Manager:
Upon rep team selection, a parents meeting will follow and a team manager will be assigned to each team. Managers are most often parents and are responsible to disseminate information on behalf of the coaches with respect to practices, games, tournaments, schedules, travel and expenses. Managers also take the lead on fundraising activities and are responsible for keeping a log of all monies collected and disbursed BCB’s policy on fund raising has guidelines associated with keeping a financial log.

Team Travel:
All BCB rep teams travel to play exhibition games, provincial qualifying games and to enter into tournaments. Most games will carry fees to cover the cost of officials and facility rental while tournaments will have an entrance fee for each participating team. All of these fees are considered to be team entrance fees and are to be divided equally among all players on the team regardless of participation.

Travel related expenses will also accompany entrance fees. Such expenses include hotels, meals, and fuel. Families often travel with the team and are responsible for their own expenses. BCB coaches are dedicated volunteers and are not paid to coach. However, participating players are responsible for covering expenses for coaches to a maximum of two coaches per team. For each travel event, the manager is responsible for collecting the following expenses from all players participating in the particular event.

  • A rate of $0.34 per kilometer (return trip) for single vehicle travel. Coaches are expected to travel together
  • A per diem of $40.00 per coach for meals to a maximum of 2 coaches per team
  • The cost of one hotel room for each overnight stay. Room incidentals such as drinks and room service are not qualifying expenses


Hotel Room Accommodations:
Typically coaches share a single room or they can choose to split expenses equally should they decide to occupy two rooms. In situations where coaches require separate rooms for the duration of the coaching season such as circumstances pertaining to gender, this will be confirmed at the beginning of the season prior to any travel. All participating players will then be responsible for covering the cost of two hotel rooms. Participating payers can only be responsible for expenses relating to a maximum of two hotel rooms regardless of any other circumstances that may arise.

Coaches Travelling With Family:
If a coach is travelling with family, no player is responsible for any expenses relating to the coach’s family.

Coaches with a Child or Children on the Team:
This policy applies to coaches that volunteer with their own child or children on the team. The coach’s player(s) maintains the responsibility for sharing expenses as noted in this policy.

Accounting Records:
The team manager is to maintain a log, journal or ledger that records all monies collected and disbursed with account balances for each player. BCB encourages the use of e-transfers to simplify collection and receipt tracking procedures. Individual player account balances should remain private between manager and player/parent.

Due Date for Expenses:
All expenses are to be calculated and disseminated to all relevant parties in advance of each event. Managers should strive to provide ample notice with respect to fees. However, families should be mindful that in some situations tournament organizers may be late in providing the necessary information that is relevant to calculating team expenses due to scheduling changes or late registrations.  All fees are to be collected and given to the head coach prior to travel.

Payment Arrears:
In the event a manager is unable to collect fees from a particular player or player’s parent or guardian, there is no expectation to cover any shortfalls. That is, a manager is not expected to incur any out of pocket expenses as a result of not being able to collect all necessary fees for a particular event. Additionally, player account balances including arrears should remain private between manager and player and not made public either by general messaging or social media postings. The team manager is to contact the Executive Director for the appropriate next steps.