This form is to be completed with your e-transfer or cash/check payment. You must complete your payment prior to submitting this form in order to include your payment confirmation number.

E-Transfer Payments:
Your e-transfer (reference) number is provided by your banking institution upon making a successful transfer.

Send E-Transfers to

If you did not yet e-transfer your payment, you can do so now by opening another browser tab to complete your transfer. Please include the player's name and program for which you are registering. You can refer to the Player's Program box on this form for assistance in recording the program. Once you complete the transfer return to this browser tab to complete the submission.

Cash or Check Payment:
If you already paid by cash or check you should have received a BCB payment confirmation ticket similar to the one displayed below. You will need to record the ticket number in this registration form.


You must include your payment confirmation number in order for your registration to be processed. If you made payment arrangements, please record your Payment Arrangement Code (PAC). Failure to include your payment confirmation number and/or PAC number may result in processing delays.

* Indicates a required field.