(BCB) Privacy Policy

Privacy is a primary concern to BCB. We are committed to the highest level of visitor confidentiality and privacy. The following policy is intended to help visitors understand how we use personal information. It is intended to provide full disclosure on information gathering and dissemination practices.

While we regard this website as being a core business component, it is not the soul means by which we operate. As a result, this privacy policy is part of our overall corporate governance.

As we continue to improve our services, this policy may change to reflect service enhancements and additions. However, the restrictions on the dissemination of personal information are not subject to change. No change will reduce the privacy protection of visitors. Please check this policy periodically for updates and revisions.


BCB collects information from visitors in the form of email correspondence. Visitors are asked to send information via email either to serve as general inquiries or service requests. The process is completely paperless and all data is stored offline in electronic format.

Other Sources of Data Collection:

BCB may use internal procedures that track hits (visitors) according to individual web pages. These procedures will not contain any personally identifiable information. BCB may use its online and offline resources as well as its statistical information to market its services to Internet users. This may be in the form of surveys and/or recording comments made from users who have visited our website. Such information is not used for any other purpose.

When visiting our website, your unique IP address is not recorded. BCB does not record any information about IP addresses for any third party unless ordered to do so by law. BCB does use a secure payment processor to allow for online credit card payments. Credit card information is captured by the credit card processor and processed on its payment servers. Credit card information is not stored with BCB. Your IP address may be recorded by the payment processor in order to successfully process a payment.

BCB does not attempt to collect personal information from children. Any personal information sent by children purposefully or inadvertently is deleted. Note that BCB may not always be able to determine that the user is a child.


BCB does not use any third party source to collect information. An authorized agent from the company reviews all data that is submitted to BCB.

BCB does not and will not disclose, sell, share, loan, duplicate or transfer any information to any outside party or agency, business or website except under special circumstances, such as when required by law. BCB may disclose information in special cases when it is believed that disclosing such information is necessary to identify or contact someone or to bring legal action against someone who may have caused injury or interference to BCB, or to its visitors.


BCB is committed to keeping personal information safe and confidential. Although technology makes the Internet a safe place to conduct business, users should always exercise good business practices when engaging in e-business activities.

BCB will endeavor to protect all information sent to it but ultimately visitors do so at their own risk.


BCB uses email links located throughout various pages to allow users to contact us directly with any questions, comments or concerns they may have. BCB representatives read every message and attempt to provide a prompt response. Such comments may be recorded and stored offline in our secured access environment in order to provide continued improvements to the website.


The BCB site may contain links to other web sites that may be helpful or interesting to visitors. Although BCB reviews the privacy and security policies of these sites, it should be noted that we do not have any control or ownership in linked sites. Therefore, we strongly recommend you review the privacy and security provisions of each site you visit.