Our Mission

To get as many people playing basketball in Cape Breton as possible. This includes complete novices to veteran players and coaches of all ages. We want to expand the recreational level opportunities and improve the development of the competitive players and teams.

Our Vision

To create a vibrant Cape Breton basketball community where every player and coach has the opportunity to develop and grow their basketball skills to their fullest potential.

Our Approach

Provide continuous positive support for all athletes, coaches, referees, and parents through all phases of their development.

Create the interest to engage as much of the Cape Breton community as possible to make the island and basketball destination.

Provide regular constructive evaluation for each athlete, coach and referee at regular intervals to support continuous skill development and a greater understanding of the game.

Give strong positive instruction at all skill development opportunities including clinics, practices and games.

Use our basketball passion to help impassion others for a love of the game.

See each player as a person first and assist in their personal development.

Emphasize fun, respect, determination, teamwork and friendship.