Last Revised: February 2019

In addition to player rep fees, other expenses will be necessary in order to participate in games and tournaments. All BCB rep teams travel to play exhibition games, provincial qualifying games and to enter into tournaments. Most games will carry fees to cover the cost of officials and facility rental while tournaments will have entrance fees for each participating team. All of these fees are considered to be team entrance fees and are to be divided equally among all players on the team regardless of participation.

Fund raising activities are common as it relates to rep basketball and can serve as great opportunities to build team morale and help with the cost of playing. Team managers are responsible for taking the lead and can delegate tasks as they see fit. Both individual and team activities are permitted. Regardless of the activity chosen teams must strictly adhere to the items outlined in this policy.

  1. In accordance to the BCB Policy Pertaining to Rep Team Expenses, team mangers are to maintain a log, journal or ledger that records all monies collected, disbursed and account balances for each player.
    1. Fund raising records should be incorporated into the ledger and include a breakdown by individual player
    2. The team manager is encouraged to maintain a pot of funds to which proceeds from each fund raiser is added. However, a manager can choose to disburse proceeds to players at the end of each fund raiser.
    3. Account updates should be provided after each fund raiser as well as after funds are disbursed for a game, tournament or road trip
  2. Team managers are expected to work with the team and parents to determine suitable fund raising activities
    1. It is at the discretion of the team manager to determine best practices for the season with respect to establishing a list of activities at the onset of the season or adding activities as the season evolves
  3. Fund raisers are not to be made mandatory.
    1. Players should be encouraged to participate in all fund raising activities but are permitted to be selective of the activities being offered
    2. Players can choose not to participate in any fund raising activities
  4. Coaches are not to be expected to participate in fund raisers
    1. Coaches invest a great deal of time both on and off the court and appreciate assistance from team managers in arranging fund raisers
  5. Teams are not permitted to cancel court time to fund raise without the approval of the head coach
    1. The purpose of fund raising is to raise money for players to be on the court. Managers should plan fund raising activities around scheduled court time
  6. Both general fund raisers and performance based fund raisers are permitted
    1. Fund raisers are intended to raise proceeds for those that actually participate in the fund raiser with allocation of proceeds distributed equally among participating players
    2. Player’s that opt out of a specific fund raising activity should not expect to have proceeds allocated to their accounts for that particular activity
    3. No financial penalty can be imposed on any player for opting out of a fund raiser
    4. Performance based fund raisers such as the selling of tickets or prizes are to be tracked in accordance to sales by each player resulting in the allocation of proceeds being distributed to each player account based on sales performance
    5. A fund raiser should encourage participation from players. However, a players can send a representative such as a parent or family member in their absence
  7. Team managers must contact the Executive Director to obtain written approval for a fund raiser prior to launching
    1. A brief description of the activity is to be provided
      1. BCB will determine if a license is required for the activity
      2. BCB will evaluate the activity while considering other team fund raisers prior to approval to avoid overlapping activities
      3. Upon approval, the team manager is to inform the entire team of the activity that includes a brief description of the event.
  8. Fund raisers should be focused on raising money to cover player and team expenses
    1. Fund raisers are not to include efforts for raising money for other expenses such as family travel to avoid over burdening the donating community
  9. The use of BCB’s logo, related artwork and other branding material is permitted
    1. Images are not permitted to be edited or re-coloured
    2. Proportional Image resizing is permitted
    3. Official Images can be downloaded from via the Fund Raising Page under the Services section in the site footer.
  10. At the end of each fund raiser the team manager should have 2 people perform a count to determine the total amount of funds raised
    1. The total amount raised is to be disseminated among the entire team with individual player account balances updated
    2. Unlike team funds, BCB encourages player account balances to remain private between manager and player

Dispute Resolution:
If the event of a dispute arising from a particular fund raising activity, the team manager is to first contact the head coach. The head coach can work with the manager to resolve the dispute and/or contact BCB’s Executive Director.