Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Basketball Cape Breton (BCB)?
  2. How long has BCB been operating?
  3. What are the age groups for BCB programs?
  4. How many kids are enrolled in BCB programs?
  5. What is the geographical coverage for BCB?
  6. Is BCB for kids that already know how to play basketball?
  7. What opportunities are available for kids to play at a competitive level?
  8. How much does a BCB program cost?
  9. Are there funding programs available for kids to participate in BCB programs?
  10. What equipment and clothing is required for kids to play in BCB?
  11. Where do BCB practices and games take place?
  12. When do BCB programs begin?
  13. Is there travel involved for kids playing in BCB programs?
  14. Is there travel involved for parents playing in BCB programs?
  15. Does BCB focus on winning basketball games?
  16. What level of coaching do you provide to the players?
  17. What level of commitment is expected from players who participate in BCB programs?
  18. How are parents notified about program schedules, cancellations and changes?
  19. Does BCB have insurance coverage for kids?
  20. Does BCB offer more programs for boys than it does for girls?


    1. Basketball Cape Breton (BCB) is a not for profit organization that strives to grow the game of basketball and continues to build a vibrant basketball community on Cape Breton Island.  It creates a sporting environment to give kids an opportunity to play and to reach their highest potential while living healthy lives.
    2. BCB is moving into its 6th year of operation as a not for profit organization and is continuing to grow.
    3. BCB has a variety of recreational and competitive programs for girls, boys, and young adults.
      Junior mini programs for grades 3 & 4
      Mini programs for grades 5 & 6
      Bantam programs for grades 7 & 8
      Midget programs for grades 9 & 10
      Juvenile programs for grades 11 & 12
    4. There are well over 500 kids in various BCB programs throughout Cape Breton Island.
    5. BCB is continuing to grow the game of basketball on the island by expanding its coverage outside of the Greater Sydney area. In addition to places like Sydney, Sydney River, North Sydney, Glace Bay and New Waterford, our programs run in Baddeck, Port Hawkesbury, Port Hood, St. Peters, Margaree and Ingonish.
    6. Not necessarily. BCB has programs to teach kids how to play as well as programs for kids that have a desire to improve their skills.
    7. BCB has a rep basketball program with the goal of assembling teams with the best players from around the island. Players who are already playing basketball are welcome to try out for these teams.
    8. BCB has a recreational spring league program as well as rep programs. The Spring league programs start at $125.00 with family discounts available. Rep teams carry higher fees to cover tournament entrance fees, some travel and accommodations. Fund raisers often take place to reduce the amount of fees required for its rep players.
    9. Yes, there are a few programs available for families that requires assistance with enrolling kids in sporting programs. Jumpstart is a popular program and feel free to search for additional programs in our Province. You can also browse our Useful Links and Services section at the bottom of our website.
    10. Basketball requires a T-Shirt, basketball shorts and basketball shoes. T-Shirts are provided in spring league play and uniforms are provided with each rep team. All equipment including basketballs is provided by BCB.
    11. Practices and games take place throughout Cape Breton Island. Some school gymnasiums are made available and BCB is working toward securing a permanent home to grow the game.
    12. The annual Recreational Spring League registration begins in February for boys and girls with the program running from late March until June. Practices are typically once per week with 2 games each weekend. Games are not usually scheduled during the May long weekend. The Summer Competitive rep team tryouts are May and each team plays through the summer until the end of July. Training camps for both boys and girls take place in August. Rep team tryouts are in October and team representing Cape Breton play until April, finishing up in our signature tournament  – the Cape Breton Classic. The Classic is held in the Greater Sydney area.
    13. The recreational spring league program takes place in the Greater Sydney area to include gyms in Sydney, North Sydney, Glace Bay and New Waterford. Teams play games within 5 areas on the island – North, South, West, North, East and Central. Rep teams may travel to mainland Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island with some teams traveling to Maine, USA.
    14. In most cases, parents travel with their kids to tournaments, particularly those that take place in the US. BCB makes every effort possible to arrange for kids to travel when parents are not able to travel.
    15. Not necessarily. BCB is focused on developing players. Winning is part of player development but working on fundamentals, game knowledge and having fun is more important at the early stages of basketball. When players move to the higher age categories, training to win will be incorporated into the development process.
    16. BCB operates with a wide spectrum of coaching levels. Parents often volunteer to coach a recreational spring league team while the rep teams have coaches with formal training and certifications. Cape Breton has a number of highly skilled basketball coaches who lend their time and expertise to BCB and the kids it develops. BCB recently appointed a Department Head for Coaching Development for the purposes of enhancing the quality of coaching at both recreational and elite levels. Formal coaching training and certifications are offered by BCB for those that wish to improve and grow as basketball coaches.
    17. There are number of program facilitators, volunteers and coaches who lend their time for the purposes of helping kids excel in basketball and to enhance their level of enjoyment with the sport. In return, players are expected to remain committed for the duration of a program, particularly at the rep level. Practices are of course key components in player development and players are expected to show up for practices on time and dedicated to giving 100% effort.
    18. Parents are encouraged to use this website for up to date information regarding schedules, teams, practices, cancellations, etc. Most coaches will maintain an email distribution list for direct notifications to players.
    19. Yes, Basketball Cape Breton carries an active insurance policy for its players.
    20. Not necessarily. BCB programs are dependent on volunteers and coaches. While BCB is committed to developing coaches, parents are encouraged to become involved as well. They can serve on committees, coach a spring league team, or simply volunteer at an event. Parents who have played basketball in the past can play an important role in their child’s development as a player. Giving back to the sport makes a significant difference.