A Few Words About Basketball Cape Breton

Our Story

BCB originated from, and have grown with, a collective of people having a common desire to create a vibrant basketball community for Cape Breton Island.   We aim to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to play and grow to their own desire and fullest potential.  We have all come to understand the health benefits of a active lifestyle and the value of getting kids involved in physical activity. Basketball is a dynamic sport that can be relatively inexpensive to play, is adaptable to the number of participants with simple variants of the game and can keep people active while having fun, thus maintaining the participation.  Although basketball is not new to Cape Breton, we have not had a collective organization focused on making it easier for people to participate, from players to coaches, managers, referees, facility managers and fans.  There been pockets of success through the years, but these have generally come and gone, been centered on a single personality and specific to sub-regions of our Island home.

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