Elite 24 Camp

Elite 24 Camp

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Basketball Cape Breton Kicked Off Its First Annual Training Camp, August 1st 2016

BCB conducted its first annual training camp for boys transitioning from elementary to middle school, middle to high school and all ages in between. Coaches from the middle and high school leagues as well as the BCB coaches brought a wealth of experience to the camp.

This year’s theme was hard work and earning respect. The camp not only introduced some new drills to the players but it also motivated players to fine tune their skills by applying proper technique to drills they have already learned. Classroom sessions were provided to help players further enhance mental and physical toughness by helping them understand the importance of preparation, nutrition and teamwork.

Girls camp will be introduced in the next training cycle both in 2 day and 4 days formats.

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Training Camp Highlights

YG_WU1 WU YGuns_LayRht Com_2Ball
 YG_4C  Com_4Corners  Com_BallHandling1  Com_BallHandling2
Com_2Ball_2 YG_BallHand  YG_2BallD YG_Dribbling
YG_BallHand2 Com_BallHand2 Com_Shooting YoungGuns_ProperShooting
Com_setshot2  Com_setshot  Com_SideS Com_shotform
Com_SpeedS YG_spotshot YG_ContShooting Com_shot
YG_ls YG_ls2 YG_ls3 YG_ls4
 YG_Stattrain YG_stat YG_statt2 YG_stat3
Com_Stattrain4 Com_ITrain Com_Footwork YG_Footwork
 Com_Contact Com_Def_1 Com_Def Com_Elbow
 Com_off Com_off2 Com_off3 Com_off4