Boys U13 Wins Silver at Bedford Classic

Boys U13 Wins Silver at Bedford Classic

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The boys U13 team went 3 and 0 in the 2017 Bedford Classic before being defeated in the gold medal game by 3 by the U14 Division 2 Halifax Hurricanes.

The team played with a very high level of intensity with all games being decided by less than 7 points. Several players received minor injuries during play and continued all the way to the final game.

Game Highlights:
Ben MacLeod experienced a knee injury early on in the tournament but continued playing all the way to the championship game. He elevated his level of play in the post and successfully defended a much taller team.

Jonathan Griffiths went out with a back injury less than a minute into the gold medal game but came back to finish the tournament with a whopping 35 rebounds. He earned the Heart & Hustle award in game 2.

Niko Kachafanas took a charge resulting in an offensive foul by the Bedford Eagles on a fast break late in game 1 to hold a 3 point lead. He described the ear popping collision as getting hit by a freight train. He earned the Heart & Hustle Award in Game 1.

Payton MacPhail added some much needed offense when the team needed it, adding to his already stifling defensive style of play. The shooting guard demonstrated his offensive game by adding some key points in the paint.

Morgan Hillier made 2 clutch free throws late in game 2 to defeat the Dartmouth Lakers. He carried his shooting accuracy onward to game 3 while making some key steals in games 3 and 4.

Koby Carroll went down hard injuring his knee by locking with an opposing player from Bedford. He continued playing by driving hard to the net and earning the Heart & Hustle award for Game 3.

Cailen Davis brought his A game to the tournament taking the ball fearlessly to the net with authority. Strong in the paint, he put up significant points and wreaked havoc on his opponents.

Declan Fortune played big in the post and went down with an angle injury. He left the game but returned for the remainder of the tournament, earning the Heart & Hustle award in the championship game.

Ty Lawrence added excitement to the game with his quick style of play. He moved quickly on offense and fought off a seemingly endless number of screens. Keeping his composure and assisting on several plays he was one of the teams most improved players in the tournament.

Keigan Broussard elevated his game by contributing both offensively and defensively. He netted some key points in the paint and rose to the occasion in the championship game when called upon to sub in for an injured player.

Kenzie LeBlanc was an offensive powerhouse. His play was consistent throughout the tournament leading the team in scoring each game. Kenzie earned the team MVP for the tournament.

Our most spirited player Ethan MacNeil was on the injured list and was not cleared to play. His presence and talent was missed throughout the entire tournament.