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Tryouts Ended October 12th

Teams to be Posted Wednesday Evening, October 16th



The rep basketball program consists of players representing Cape Breton as club organizations at various age levels. Currently, BCB assembles boys and girls teams in the U12 (Under 12), U14, U16 and U18 age categories. Within each of the categories, teams are placed in specific divisions to play and compete against teams of equal strength. Division placement is determined by Basketball Nova Scotia (BNS) by way of seeding games. Teams travel throughout the province to play seeding games against other club teams. Game results are sent to BNS for review and subsequent division assignment. BCB teams participate in Provincials (hosted by BNS) each spring in accordance to these division placements.

Rep teams have two seasons – the fall/winter program and the summer program. The fall program starts in late September – early October and runs until spring. The summer program begins in late April, early May and ends in mid-July. Athletes can try out for either team or both. All rep teams have formal tryouts and evaluators present for the U12 and U14 teams. A head coach, an assistant coach (or coaches), along with a team manager are typically assigned to every team. The number of tryouts is determined by the coaches and BCB’s Executive Director. For U12 and U14 teams, the Executive Director and team evaluators score each player in the tryout with consultation with the coaches. The head coach in consultation with the Executive Director typically selects the U16 and U18 teams. Once the team is selected it is posted here on this site on our rep page. It is the fall/winter teams that participate in Provincials each spring.

Coaches in the U12 and U14 divisions will have input on the final 2 (10 team roster) or 3 (12 team roster) spots provided that the players be considered are not a son or daughter of the coach.

For our complete policy on rep team selection visit our Policies & Procedures page. As well, for complete information regarding rep team tryouts and team selection read or download our Parents Guide.