BCB Rep Teams

2017 – 2018 BCB Rep Teams

Teams Represent Cape Breton in Club Basketball Play and Provincials

Spelling of Players based on registration information provided. Please report any corrections to



Boys Mini Under 12 Division 1 Team

Congratulations to the Following Players for Selection to the U12 Division 1 Team:

  • Izaiah Alleyne
  • Peyton Barter
  • Jorden Crocker
  • Jake Feener
  • Tyler Grant
  • Nathan Kelly
  • Derek Loro
  • Connor MacDonald
  • Luke MacKinnon
  • Keaton MacLeod
  • Gabe MacPhee
  • Eric Rutledge

Head Coach: Doug MacKinnon

Boys Mini Under 12 Division 3 Team

  • Justin Carroll
  • Keirran Carroll
  • Justin Chaisson
  • Aidan Druggett
  • Cole Grant
  • Marcus Hilliard
  • Cohen MacDonald
  • Calem MacNeil
  • Joe MacNeil
  • Connor Martell
  • Colten MacPhee
  • Luke Timmons

Head Coach: Dale MacNeil

The following players are welcome and encouraged to train with the team and to attend all practices for player development and potential selection for a BCB team next season.

  • Lauchie MacPhee
  • Connor Parsons
  • Nic Parsons

Boys Bantam Under 14 Division 1 Team

  • Keigan Broussard
  • Koby Carroll
  • Cailen Davis
  • Morgan Hillier
  • Niko Kachafanas
  • Ben Kearney
  • Ty Lawrence
  • Anthony Lecky
  • Ben MacLeod
  • Ethan MacNeil
  • Keegan MacPhee

Head Coach: Bill Kachafanas
Assistant Coach: Geoff MacLeod

Boys Bantam Under 14 Division 3 Team

  • Maliki Denny
  • Simon Kumar Britten
  • Daniel MacAllister
  • Jeff MacAulay
  • Ethan MacDonald
  • Thomas MacDonald
  • Nick MacLeod
  • Alec MacPhee
  • Parker MacSween
  • Andrew McLean
  • Jackson Sparkes
  • Eli Tunnicliff

Head Coach: Bill Kachafanas
Assistant Coaches: Geoff MacLeod, Chris MacPhee

Boys Midget Under 16 Team

Congratulations to the Following Players for Selection to the U16 Team:

  • Kenzie Balmas
  • Shawn Blanchard
  • Declan Fortune
  • Jonathon Griffiths
  • Cole Hynes
  • Owen Ivy
  • Colby Hussey-MacLeod
  • Tighe Hussey-MacLeod
  • Payton MacPhail
  • TJ MacPhail
  • Braeden Redshaw

Head Coach:Rob Redshaw

Girls Mini Under 12 Team

  • Lily Bottomly
  • Rebekah Brown
  • Jessica Buchanan
  • Bhreagh Dolan
  • Blair MacPherson
  • Jesslyn MacPherson
  • Jocelyn MacQueen
  • Abi Morrison
  • Chloe Saunders
  • Carys Sifnakis
  • Hollie Whalen
  • Holly Wells

Head Coach: Chris MacPhee
Assistant Coach: Emily Pelly


Girls Bantam Under 14 Division 1 Team

  • Abbey Cameron
  • Karis Christmas
  • Ainsley Denny
  • Emmy Donovan
  • Ava George
  • Sam Fernandez
  • Meghan MacKinnon
  • Hanna McGee
  • Maria Morrison
  • Annalise Robinson
  • Cale Ryan
  • Emily Whitewood

Head Coach: Doug MacKinnon

Girls Bantam Under 14 Division 3 Team

  • Catie Chaisson
  • Katie Ann Clemons
  • Bhreagh Dean
  • Trista Graham
  • Morgan LeCouter
  • Rita MacCormack
  • Ayanna MacNeil
  • Olivia Ross
  • Jaiden Ryan
  • Gracie Smith
  • Jenna Timmons

Head Coach: Leslie Timmons




BCB Runs Basketball Programs Year Round Producing a Number of Teams in Various Divisions

There are opportunities for both boys and girls to be part of a growing Canadian sport in both competitive and recreational environments.


Girls & Boys – Small Ball Programs – Grades P to 3 – Location Varies from Year to Year
Spring and Fall program available. Please check back for next available program or send an inquiry to Chris MacPhee.

Spring League – More Than 500 kids – boys and girls participate in the annual spring league program. The league focuses on fundamentals, skills development, team building and having fun. Travel is limited to Cape Breton Island.

Joining a team takes place in the form of registration. Players typically join a team in their local community with the greater Sydney area having two or three teams. All of our coaches are volunteers who share their time and efforts for 10 weeks to further develop kid’s skills all around Cape Breton Island.

Junior Mini – Grades 3 & 4
Mini – Grades 5 & 6
Bantam – Grades 7 & 8
Midget – Grades 8 & 9
Juvenile – Grades 11 & 12

There are opportunities to compete at an elite level by trying out for a Cape Breton rep team.

Mini – Under 12 prior to January 1st
U13 – Under 13 prior to January 1st
U14 Development Team – Under 14 prior to January 1st
Girls U15 Competitive Team – Under 15 prior to January 1st
Boys U16 Competitive Team – Under 16 prior to January 1st
Open Team – Under 18 prior to January 1st

Players that make a rep team are expected to be committed throughout the entire season, balancing academics, school sports and rep basketball. There is travel involved as all rep teams participate in invitational and provincial tournaments.  All of our rep coaches are highly skilled, possess extensive game knowledge, have formal training and years of experience playing and coaching.