RedTail POS Inc. Elite Training Camp Sponsor
BCB is pleased to announce RedTail POS Inc. as an elite training camp sponsor.

No kid should be denied the opportunity to realize his full potential as a result of financial status. Families requiring financial assistance are encouraged to apply for a RedTail player sponsorship.

RedTail is now accepting applications to sponsor up to 4 campers – Two for the Grade 6 & 7 category and two for the Grade 8 & 9 category.  Award recipients will be notified immediately following RedTail’s approval process and will have their registration fees paid in full directly to Basketball Cape Breton.

All submissions will be reviewed with a decision to be made prior to the close of final registration.

All submissions will remain confidential and no data collected will be shared, sold, or transferred to any third party. No public announcements containing recipient information will be made and there is no information required in addition to this online submission.

Once a submission is made, applicants can return to this website for award updates. If your family requires financial assistance in sending a child to camp, complete the sponsorship section of the application.


Welcome to Early Registration for the BCB Elite 24 Camp

The early registration process reserves a spot for your child or children in our elite training camp at an early booking price. Upon completion of this form, you will receive an email confirmation regarding your early registration status.  Parents and guardians may still be able to register during our final registration period.

Payment can be made to Basketball Cape Breton. Email money transfers is the preferred payment method which expedites the registration process. You can however pay by cash, check or money order. Please note that a reserved spot can only be held for 15 days after the final registration process.  You will be contacted with a payment reminder and further camp details.

In the event of a camp sell out, online registration will remain open to allow for children to be placed on a waiting list.

Feel free to contact our Executive Director, Chris MacPhee with any inquiries or concerns that you may have.